Learn How to Make Chinese Soup With 7 Soup Making Techniques

> How to make Chinese soup

Learn how to make Chinese soups with these 7 techniques. 

Let me show you a couple of basic cooking techniques that if you master, you will find Chinese soup making a breeze.

1. Double Boil

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Have you eaten bird's nest soup 燕窝汤 (yan wo tang) or Buddha jumps over the wall 佛跳墙 (fo tiao qiang)? These 2 soups are prepared using the double boiling technique. You can try this with a ceramic double boiling jar or an electric stew pot.

2. Egg Drop

Photo by Bethany Khan.

I noticed that kids love egg drop soups. They are great for the elderly too. Adding egg is a good way to enhance the nutritional value of a soup. It is tasty too. I'll show you a few ways that eggs can be added to soups.

3. Quick Boil

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A lot of Chinese soups with fresh fish, shrimps and clams and shellfish are prepared using the quick boiling method. Green leafy vegetables and lean chicken breasts are also good in quick boiled soups.

4. Making Congee

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There are many regional differences in congee but they mostly begin in the same way. Learn 6 ways to make rice porridge.

5. Simmering

Soup of the day. Photo by Alpha

You know those little bowls of soup of the day served as starters at many Chinese restaurants? The good ones are usually bursting with flavour. These are often made by simmering the ingredients in a huge pot. Simmering is also the main technique for making herbal soups.

6. Thickening

Westlake beef soup. Photo by stu spivack

The popular Chinese hot and sour soup is almost always a thickened soup. Learn how to thicken soup with cornstarch, arrowroot, potato starch and white rice.

7. Steaming

Soups are steamed because soup ingredients are usually delicate and do not stand up to boiling.

Photo by Baron Valium

I hope this article on 7 key Chinese soup making techniques demystified the topic slightly. 

Happy Souping, Phoebe

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