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Home to Easy Chinese Soup Recipes. If you are new to Chinese cooking, I hope you will find and use the recipes and tips here to prepare some delicious Chinese soups for your family, friends and most importantly, for yourself.

Many Chinese restaurants serve wonderful luxurious soups with expensive ingredients and elaborate cooking techniques. They are both a feast for the eyes and for the stomach. A gastronomical experience!

But magical moments happened with homemade Chinese soups. Home-styled, with simple ingredients, using simple cooking methods, using basic cooking utensils, served piping hot with love, and enjoyed in the company of loved ones or alone. 

Hi, my name is Phoebe

I live on a small tropical island republic in Southeast Asia called Singapore. The Chinese living here are mostly descendants of immigrants from Southern China. I grew up with Chinese soups at our dinner table. They were a common sight and for many years they were just part of the meal, nothing special. I took what I know and enjoy for granted until I stayed abroad for a couple of years. Then I became homesick and craved familiar food.

Are you also far away from home?

 I'll show you how to nurse your homesickness or cravings by replicating that well-loved soup from home. Increase your soup repertoire beyond a basic egg drop soup and throw some wonton parties for your new-found friends.

Are you exploring how food can heal your body?

I'll tell you why homemade Chinese soups are healthy and introduce you to some common Chinese herbs that are generally believed to be good for health. Soups have been my good friend: comforting me when I am sick or cold and pampering me when I have a tummy ache. I have even lost weight drinking soups.

I'll also share some recipes that serve as natural remedies for certain ailments such as lupus, high blood pressure, gluten intolerance and the common cold. There are also cooking tips and recipes for the elderly, babies and pregnant ladies.

Are you intimidated by Chinese ingredients?

I know many people are interested to make Chinese food but are unfamiliar with the ingredients. It would be a shame to let that stop people from enjoying Chinese soups. 

I'll introduce several key Chinese ingredients like black chicken, tofu, century egg as well as typical Asian vegetables. I'll also cover preparation methods and cooking techniques, and some kitchen equipment.

Simple Approach

All I know about homemade Chinese soups I have attempted to record down here in the simplest terms. Nothing fanciful or laborious. Simple, easy to make, for newbies, and especially those who think they can't cook.

I am not an expert cook. I do not spend long hours in the kitchen nor do I want to. The soups I make HAVE to be easy and hassle-free. My late grandmother will shake her head at my minimalist cooking approach. What to do? I have been corrupted by modernity. So, expect short cuts from me.

I am also not a food photographer and do not intend to become one. However, I understand that photos and pictures are important. I try my best to take pictures of the finished soups, the ingredients and anything I think relevant. They are taken with point-and-shoot cameras and recently my mobile phone. What I can't take or have no time to take, I rely on wonderful Flickr users.

From 2006 to 2021

I started this website in 2006. So much have changed on the World Wide Web since then. So many websites on Chinese food have sprung up. There are also so many Youtubers teaching Chinese cooking techniques that are so difficult to explain in words. 

Having said that, there are many crappy ones too. I find my full-time occupation as a librarian wanting to step in. When I find really good recipes or videos, I’ll refer to  them especially when they complement my own content well. 

If you are new to Chinese cooking, I hope you will find and make use of the information here to prepare some nice Chinese soups for your family, friends and most importantly, for yourself.

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Happy Souping, Phoebe

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