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A visitor looking for gluten free soup recipes commented that my website looks promising and suggested that I label some of my soup recipes as gluten free.

Another visitor called Steven commented that some of my Chinese soup recipes are great for celiacs who practically must live on rice. He was referring to some of my rice congee recipes. Rice is a great carbohydrate substitute and therefore, the rice congee recipes in this website can be used as celiac recipes (or coeliac recipes). 

I am not very familiar with the coeliac condition so I started researching about what gluten-free and celiac mean. Here's what I found.

According to Professor Peter Howdle, author of "Your Guide to Coeliac Disease (The Royal Society of Medicine)", gluten is:

"the protein in the wheat seed which provides amino acids for the growing plant, or for a human being when used as food. It provides much of the texture of flour when cooked."

So, gluten free food refers to food that do not contain the wheat protein.

People who suffer from coeliac disease have severe symptoms caused by consuming gluten in their diet. These can be quite serious. Simply put, celiacs cannot eat gluten because it can make them very sick.

Celiac disease is a permanent condition and can only be treated with a gluten free diet. From what I read, coeliac disease is not easy to diagnose and the symptoms can be misread as mere digestive complaints like heartburn, bloatedness, acid reflux and more.

Professor Howdle also mentioned that some people are not celiac but could be gluten intolerant. Symptoms are not as serious but health and well-being seems to improve when they switched to a gluten free diet.

Your Guide to Coeliac Disease (The Royal Society of Medicine) contains a wealth of information about coeliac disease, especially its manifestation and treatment in the UK. Although it provides guidelines and tips for a gluten-free diet, it lacks gluten-free recipes.

The more I read about the symptoms and the encounters of celiacs, the more I feel for them. Seriously, it is not easy to avoid gluten. It seems to be everywhere and there is a dire of gluten free recipes and restaurants serving gluten-free food.

For fun, I tried for a couple of days to avoid gluten in my diet and it was near impossible. I can see how important gluten free recipes are to celiacs and people who are gluten-intolerant.

Fortunately, some dining establishments are becoming more aware of this condition and have included coeliac-friendly dishes on their menus. If you live Ireland, you might want to try this gluten-free takeaways

If you are not, then you might like to get the Triumph dining cards for celiacs. These are cards with lists of foods celiacs could eat and foods they must avoid with foolproof instructions and in a range of languages which you could give to your restaurant kitchen for reference when preparing your food.

Substituting Ingredients

The dangerous ingredient in Chinese soups, even rice congee, for coeliacs is soy sauce. It is made with wheat and is therefore off limits. When you see soy sauce listed as an ingredient in my recipes, replace with salt or a gluten-free soy sauce like the Tamari Soy Sauce, Wheat Free and Organic.

Noodles made from rice would also be a safe substitute for wheat noodles. A visitor named Phuong recommends the Star Anise Foods Happy Pho Vietnamese Brown Rice Noodle Soup Garlic Goodness -- 4.5 oz

Pho (pronounced "fuh") can be considered Vietnamese soul food. Happy Pho is Vietnamese pho noodle made from 100% brown rice with a touch of organic green tea. It is a combination of nutritious and low sodium noodles with an all natural, savoury spice packet soup base. Suitable for vegans or vegetarian. Easy to make, just boil the noodles, make the soup with the soup spice packet, and add your favorite fresh ingredients. Comes in 3 different flavours.

Even the packaging is made of 100% recycled paperboard with soy-based ink.


I'm new to the celiac diet, so if you discover errors here let me know immediately so that I can make corrections. I'll add more recipes as I come across them.

Happy Souping, Phoebe