Homemade Chinese Soups. It's Magical!

Mutton & White Turnip Soup

by Sherry

The medicinal efficacy and function of this mutton and white turnip soup:

In traditional Chinese medicine, mutton is used to treat consumptive diseases, warm the Qi and Blood, and improve the kidney's qi.

It can treat deficiencies in the kidneys, chronic bronchitis, abdominal cold, and lumbar debility.

White turnip promotes digestion and enhances the appetite.

400g mutton
300g white turnip
10g caraway
20g Garlic
50g Ginger

2g soy sauce
6g yellow rice or millet wine
15g salad oil
10g green Chinese onion
Pinch of salt


  1. Clean and dice the mutton

  2. Clean and dice the white turnip
  3. Blanching the turnip to remove its astringency

  4. Clean, peel the ginger and garlic

  5. Place the mutton into water to boil it till 80% done. Remove and drain

  6. Put parboiled mutton into a soup pot together with the soy sauce, ginger and garlic

  7. Add water to cover and bring to a boil

  8. Add the white turnip into the soup pot and cook it for 30 minutes under medium heat

  9. Chop the caraway finely and add to the soup together with the salt

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Happy souping, Phoebe